There was task to develop web site for selling the soft toys in craft packaging and test the niche


We decided to develop online store – list of product on one page with possibility to buy the product and pay it using the bank card


We run the website and ad campaign on the beginning of February, 2016. We made few dozen sales and as a result we saw that market volume is not large and not each client like craft packaging.

What we did

We developed the online store, set up the ad campaigns on Google Adwords and Yandex Direct (Google's competitor on CIS market), Facebook and VK (Facebook's competitor). We made the usability testing after got first leads from ads (which we use for usability testing) and increased the conversion ratio as a result.


We recorded simple video to showcase the packaging process.
We decided to switch off the sound, so we added the arrow to draw attention to the video.
We wrote about manufacturer of our toys and types of toys (firstly we sold only the bear). First variant of this text was in 3 times larger, but we reduced it with leaving the sence.
We made the slider with photos of our toys, showcasing their sizes, added photo of label with bear details.
Client should understand the process of purchase, so we described it in 5 steps.
Also, we described the process of packaging and attached the photos.
We described 2 our delivery methods. Shortly, with leaving the meaning.
We highlighted the price and terms.
We left the emotional reviews after to drum up interest.
Toys have various sizes, so we put the handsfree to their ears.
We wrote emotional descriptions to our products, each toy have a story.
We wrote the sizes to each toys in product card, because they are main characteristics of the toy after the appearance.
We set the promo to few of our products to test how customers will react on them (about half of all sells were discounted products).
After clients click this block, they got simple modal window only with their phone (and ability to pay online as option).
We load to all the photos after page have loaded to impove performance, so they are loading while the user is on the first screens.
User can open modal window with details information and list of photos from another angles.
If client scrolled to the end and didn't make decision, we propose them to leave the phone number if they have any other questions.
We left various contacts in the footer – skype, email, phones.
List of payments method in footer displays which ways client can pay for the toys.
The phone in the header (on the first screen) important for clients which was on our site before and wanted to call us.
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