Holding Zalant during many year successfully sells jewelry in Belarus. Company decided to sell caskets for jewelry and hired us to develop the landing.


We proposed to develop the multi landing – one landing which changes the content depending on request. So marketers will able to route traffic to specific caskets by specific ads.


We got an order at the end of January, 2017 and developed the site at 13, February. After it we routed test traffic to the site and using the data from WebVizor improved our multi landing.

What we did

We developed design, using photos made by Zalant designers, marked up it, programmed multi landing.

More about design

Client motivated to scroll down seeing on animated arrow
Title is the main thing on the first screen. After reading the title most of clients decide to stay on the site or to leave it. But martekers can only suggest what text will work better. So, we developed the instrument which help them change the title and spend A/B testing simply – using the utm_term parameter and designed it bold so it looks good as for 3-words title, as for 10-words title.
This 4 blocks need to say important information like about discount, warranty, delivery and to interest the client
This is 3D view which were made together with Zalant's designers. It routes automatically by default, but stops after user route it manually.
This block needed to describe the manufacturing process
After usability testing we saw that about 30% of users close the page on 3rd screen. So, we put on the 3rd screen slider with list of other caskets to increase the interest of client.
We added call-to-action after, because customers will want to buy the product after they saw an imagination
We developed block with characteristics for each casket. It is really important to show the details of the jewelry caskets
Only really persistent clients will read full description of delivery options. So why we added 3 icons with main points of the Zalant`s delivery policy.
People who leave reviews may don't want to leave the occupation, so we marked up review block (not only it) taking into account cases when customer have long name, no photo, short or long review.
People can reload list to show reviews from other people.
Emotional happy and abashed girl to motivate target audience to purchase.
We added the arrow to draw attention to the button.
We draw the map of Belurus Respublic with routes to from the capital to the biggets cities to illustrate that our delivery not only by Minsk.
For lovers of reading we prepared emotional description of jewelry caskets from Gold Dream (retail brand of Zalant)
Count of purchases as a social proof
If customer scrolled to the end and didn't make decision, we propose them to leave the phone number if they have any other questions.
Contacts (if client wanted to write us).
This button is different from another 2 – it has price inside.
Links to social networks groups to increase the trust.
License information required by law and it also increse the trust.
Subscription form need to collect the emails of customers.
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